2017 Document Check list



  • W-2’s
  • Record of other income (1099’s)
    • interest and dividends from savings accounts, money markets, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, pension, social security
    • unemployment income
  • Date and amount of the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds and mutual funds for 2017
  • Rental property income and expenses
  • For partnerships or S-corporation shareholders, submit your copies of all K-1’s
  • IRA contributions made in 2017
  • Itemized deductions –
    • large medical expenses (include health insurance and Gluten Free diet products)
    • real estate taxes
    • mortgage interest
    • contributions-cash and non-cash (list separately)
    • tax preparation fee for 2016 tax return
    • safe deposit box fee
    • employee business expenses, unreimbursed travel, entertainment, telephone, auto expense,
    • educational expenses for you and your college student Form 1098T
  • FORM 1095-A, B or C for Health Care Coverage information
  • If self-employed – schedule of income and expenses
  • Moving expenses
  • Child care expenses, including name, address and ID or social security number of provider
  • Documentation of estimated taxes paid
  • Change of family status and social security number and name of new dependents
  • Proof dependents live with you such as school or medical records
  • Purchase and sale of residence
    • closing papers from the purchase and sale of the old residence
    • closing papers from the purchase of the new residence
  • Energy credit for installation of new boiler, storm windows and doors
  • Prepaid college contributions to a 529 Plan
  • Amount of child support paid for Child Support credit
  • Copy of last year’s federal and state returns (if you are a new client)
  • Verify your bank information for direct deposit of refunds
  • Include your contact information when you send your papers
  • Copy of tax payer’s driver’s license and if in New York, also spouse’s driver’s license

Note: receipts are for your records only and do not need to be submitted. Please summarize items above where possible. For quicker processing of your return, send tax preparation payment along with your tax documents.